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Our Problem >>

No matter what is destroying your home, we have a solution. We would love to give you a free estimate to help you keep your home's value and give you peace of mind that it won't occor again.

Your Solution >>

Contact a Larry Young Woodrot Specialist today and see how we will not only take care of your woodrot problem, but how we can preserve your home.


5 Yr Guarantee >>

With over forty years of experience in preserving homes, you can rest assured that your problem won't return.  We are so sure about this that we warranty our work for five years.

that Delivers >>

In our forty plus years of experience we have found that most homes have their own unique problems due to the individual construction methods used at the time of building the home.

Subsequently since each home has had different applications of construction, We will assess the home and give our expert opinion on what is needed to resolve the problems from roofing to grading, i.e. from the top to the bottom of the home.

Our commitment to excellence >>

One of our ways of maintaining a level of excellence is by personally being on the job to supervise the repairs that are being done to the home.

Our history of building of custom homes and being a remodeling contractor, our ability to correct any problem that we find in an appropriate manner is one of our main qualifications.

We are a twelve (12) year "Honor Roll" member of the Better Business Bureau and this speaks for itself of bringing quality repair and restoration to your home.

Improve Your Home >>

Our intention is to restore your home back to the original quality or better. As we know, problems occur as homes age.

Problems surface such as: roofing deteoriation, improper flashing, foundation settling, and improper materials used in the original construction.

Oftentimes there have been improper repairs done by unqualified contractors resulting in additional damage to your home. Our intention is to correct these problems and keep them from happening again.

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