Construction repair in kansas city

Experience means knowledge >>

In our many years of experience we have gained great knowledge in the improper original construction of the home and the improper installation of new windows and the repair of existing windows.

Source of
most problems >>

Many of the problems we have encountered have been:

  • Lack of flashing above windows
  • Metal wrapping of existing window framing
  • Lack of window taping on window replacement,
  • Lack of proper caulking and foaming of windows.

For most window repairs, incorrect parts have been used which were not made for the original window.

Oftentimes there has been improper splicing of exterior moldings and not thoroughly replacing all exterior brick molds.

Our Goal >>

Our goal is to properly repair and replace any areas of the home that have been damaged due to water infiltration and to stop any further damage to the home.


Improper splicing of brick molds and sills.

Window Repair in Kansas City

Metal wrapping of
exterior trim

Window Repair in Kansas City

New window
improper size

WIndow Repai in Kansas City
No flashing
on window

Window Repair in Kansas City


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